Now accepting submissions for the Space Copz Anthology!

Here's the lowdown:


Q: What is Space Copz?

A: How dare you. No really, how DARE you. Just kidding. Send us an email at and we'll send you all the material you need for this anthology to get the ideas flowing. In short, it's an all-ages space-faring tale about the two baddest cops in all of the galaxy, Sgt. Alpha and Beta Boy.


Q: What should I send?

A: Anything that would fit Space Copz! Specifically you can send either a pin-up, a 1 to 16 page comic, 2500 word or less prose story, etc...


Q: Okay, now where do I send it?

A: You can fill out the short form below and copy & paste your link there OR you could always send it to


Q: Deadlines?

A: The soft deadline is 01/01/2019. This is the date we prefer to receive your submission so that you can revise it if needed.

* The hard deadline is 02/01/2019.

* Submissions that are sent after 11:59 PM EST on 02/01/2019 will be deleted.

* This includes revised submissions.  All finalized submissions - with no revisions to writing, art, or lettering necessary - must be sent in by the hard deadline in order to be considered for inclusion.


Q: How will I know if my work will be included?

A: Due to the amount of submissions we receive, you'll be notified of your inclusion or rejection on 02/01/2019.


**Submission is not a guarantee for inclusion into the anthology***


The specifics:

Maximum Page Count: 16 pages (there is no minimum - even a one page story would be awesome!)

Age Rating: All ages

Formatting: Color or Black and White/Grayscale; JPEG or PDF (for submission purposes); TIFF 300 dpi will be the final format we'll need from you.

Page Size Dimensions: 6.625 inches wide by 10.25 inches will be the final printed product. Please add a bleed area around it.

Compensation: 1 book per page per creator. This means that if you (a writer) and your gang (artist, letterer, and colorist) submit and are accepted on a 16 page story, each and every single one of you and your posse will receive 16 books! These are each retailing at $14.99 MSRP. This also means that if you are a lone wanderer and do everything on your own, you'll still receive those 16 books. No funny business.

*International creators get a slightly tougher break due to massive shipping rates from America. The total compensation will be one book per page regardless of how many worked on the story.


And that's that! If you have any other questions or aren't one for filling out these mumbo jumbo forms below feel free to send questions or your submission to

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