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The Gather is highlighted by its strong film influence and the almost exclusively visual narrative resource used to carry out the story. The intention is to pay tribute to the cult genre movies of the eighties both from the graphics and scripting standpoints. Through the pages, clear references to the aesthetics and narrative work of John Carpenter, David Cronenberg, Andrzej Zulawski and Stanley Kubrick are found.

In the wee small hours of a cold winter's night, a meteorite falls down on the dockland of a big city, bringing a dangerous alien parasite inside. Struggling to survive in an unknown and hostile environment, the sneaky visitor will take control of an eccentric tramp called Luis. The tramp will become the perfect vessel to give the despicable guest both power and body. Disguised in Luis’ body and while gestating inside him, it’ll go around the dark streets of slums in search of new victims to carry out its sinister plan of survival.