Capsule #1

Capsule #1

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Akira meets Cowboy Bebop in this cyberpunk thriller set in a futuristic city controlled by its only food source – a mysterious capsule that provides citizens with the daily nutrients they need to survive, laced with a small dose of something… else.

"It’s a perfect fit for any AKIRA fan." - Comicsverse

"-if you’re into futuristic settings and anarchy, you should definitely check this one out." - Ashley Wertz

Nathan Yocum(Creator)

  • Nathan Yocum (Writer)

  • Bong Dazo (Illustrator)

  • Lukasz Juskewicz (Colorist)

  • Micah Myers (Letterer)

  • Bong Dazo (Cover A)

  • Brian Balondo (Cover B)

  • Alfredo Lopez (Additional Art)

CAPSULE Issue #1

Full Color / Rated Teen / 28 pages

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