Hiraeth #1

Hiraeth #1

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Spanning a world mired in bloodshed and magic, complete strangers begin to experience shared visions of an encroaching void as it races to consume the last known light of existence. As they struggle to make sense of their hallucinations, deep-seated, unnerving phantasms begin to emerge, poisoning the landscape and replacing humanity as the dominant life on Soulero. Afraid and alone, these connected dreamers will be tested beyond their limits to navigate the truth behind those responsible for their visions, their own sins, and the fine line between good and evil.

  • Brent Hodges (Creator)

  • Brent Hodges (Writer)

  • Peter Cacho (Illustrator)

  • Gustavo Mendes (Colorist)

  • Micah Myers (Letterer)

  • Peter Cacho (Cover A)

  • Brian Balondo (Cover B)

Physical copy of Hiraeth Issue #1

Full Color / Rated Mature / 32 page

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